mary anne mallindine + william hellen

Mary Anne was born on 6 August 1845 at 2 Little George Street in Spitalfields, to John William Mallindine and Mary Short, and baptised on 14 September at St Matthias in Bethnal Green. She was just thirteen years old when her father died and with her mother struggling to support the family without his wages, Mary and her siblings did piece work at home making match boxes to help earn some money.

Mary Ann Mallindine

At the age of 21, she left her home on Quaker Street to marry William Hellen on 18 April 1864 at St James in Shoreditch with brother John William standing as one of the witnesses along with Mary Hales. Twenty-four year old William was living at 10 Hope Street and working as a Shoe Maker. On the marriage register, his father is listed as William, a Weaver, but the only possible birth record found to date for William is to John Hellen, a Labourer, and his wife Mary.

Mary was almost six months pregnant when she married William and on 3 August 1864, the first of their four children, William John, was born. When he was baptised at St Matthew in Bethnal Green on 4 September, they were living at 25 Quaker Street and William was working as a Boot Rivetter. In 1866, the year began with the birth of son Thomas Robert, who was born on 13 January 1866 and baptised at St Matthew on 18 February, but ended with tragedy when William John died just before Christmas. He was buried at Victoria Park Cemetery on 24 December.

One year later, Mary Ann was born on Christmas Day. She was baptised on 19 January at Christ Church in Spitalfields and although William and Mary were still on Quaker Street, they had moved from number 25 to number 2. Interestingly, James Hales was baptised on the same day as Mary Ann; his mother was a witness at Mary Anne’s wedding and lived at 21 Quaker Street with her husband Henry.

Caroline was born on 31 August 1870 at 4 Essex Place in Haggerston and within weeks of her birth, William sailed to Canada along with Mary Anne’s two brothers, John William and Thomas. It is not known whether their intention was to establish themselves in Canada and send for their families or if it was a temporary plan to earn money and return to England. William travelled on the same ticket as 19 year old Thomas Mallindine and while John William Mallindine travelled on separate ticket, the ticket numbers 1299 and 1300 indicate they were purchased at the same time. They sailed from Liverpool and arrived in the port at Quebec City after a 40 day journey and the arrival manifest lists their occupations as Clerks despite the fact that William was a Shoe Maker and John William a French Polisher.

Unfortunately, no passenger lists for arrivals into UK ports are available for journeys before 1878 so there is no clear record of when or if William returned to England. John William Mallindine was back in the East End when the 1871 census was taken on 4 April and based on the conception date of his daughter Betsy, he must have been back by early February at the latest. It appears that Thomas Mallindine stayed in Canada after his brother left as he does not appear in the 1871 English census but he had returned by early 1873.

William’s daughter, Caroline, was baptised at St James the Great in Bethnal Green on 2 October 1871 and his name was listed on the baptismal register although this is not evidence that he was in attendance. There are no further records relating to William in England or Canada but it is assumed that he died as Mary Anne remarried in 1878.

john william samuels

She married John William Samuels, known as William, on 19 May at St Thomas in Bethnal Green and listed her status as a Widow. Her brother John again acted as a witness along with his wife Eliza. Mary Anne and John were both living on Hanbury Street and John, who was four years younger, was working as a Milkman.

John William Samuels

William’s birth has not been located but secondary records list his year of birth as 1850 and he is believed to be the son of James Samuels and Elizabeth Emery. John joined the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman and in 1871, he was serving on the HMS Gladiator in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In 1881, Mary Anne and William were living at 1 Barber’s Yard in Spitalfields and he was working as a Porter for the Great Eastern Railway. Also in the household were Mary Anne’s three children from her marriage to William Hellen and they were all listed under the name Samuels and their relationship to William was son or daughter rather than step-children. Also in the household was 8 year old William Samuels but no corresponding birth record has been found under Hellen or Samuels so his relationship to the other family members is not clear.

Mary Anne and William had two sons and their first, James Arthur, was born on 13 July 1881 at 35 Hanbury Street, the home of Elizabeth Samuels, but when he was baptised two weeks later at St James the Great, his parents were living at 35 Mape Street. Second son John William was born in the early months of 1885 and baptised on 22 March at Christ Church, Spitalfields.

Mary Ann Hellen married Henry James Benjamin Sanderson on 25 November 1888 at St Thomas in Bethnal Green with her family in attendance, including brother Thomas and sister Caroline who signed the register as witnesses. Henry Sanderson was a Labourer who lived at 57 Columbia Road and Mary Ann, a Cigar Maker, lived at 4 George Gardens. On the register, Mary Anne’s father, William Hellen, was listed as deceased.

In 1891, Mary Anne and William Samuels were living in three rooms at 7 Mape Street with their two young sons, James and John, and Mary Anne’s youngest daughter Caroline. William was working as a Dock Labourer and Caroline as a Cigar Maker. Mary Anne’s eldest daughter, Mary Ann, and her husband Henry Sanderson also lived in a single room in the same house with their two children. In all, there were four families living in 7 rooms in the house that was next door to the Carpenters Arms Public House at number 5.

Thomas Hellen married Jane Hannah James at St Andrew, Bethnal Green on 1 August 1891. He was living at the family home on Mape Street when he married and was working as a Labourer. Jane was the daughter of Samuel Joseph James and also lived at 7 Mape Street.

Caroline Hellen, married Edward Hicks on 28 December 1891 at St John in Bethnal Green with her sister Mary and brother in law Henry acting as witnesses. Twenty-two year old Edward was working as a Steam Crane Driver and living at 41 Columbia Road. Ten years later, Caroline and Edward were living in one room at 69 Derbyshire Street but they had no children and then have not been traced beyond this date.

On 4 February 1900, James Arthur Samuels married his cousin, Elizabeth Mary Ann Martha Weedon, at St Andrew in Bethnal Green. Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary Anne’s cousin, Elizabeth Brown Mallindine, and John Thomas Weedon. Another Mallindine relation, the bride’s aunt, Martha Scammell, attended the wedding and signed the register as one of the witnesses. James was working as a Builder’s Labourer and Elizabeth as a Box Maker when they married and both were living at 7 Mape Street.

Six months after his son’s wedding, John William Samuels died in Whitechapel aged 54 years. The following year, Mary Anne was again recorded in the census at 7 Mape Street and still occupied three rooms with her 16 year old son John William as well as a lodger, John Weedon.

He was a widower having been married to Mary Anne’s cousin, Elizabeth Brown Mallindine, until her death in 1890. He was working as a French Polisher and her son John was working as a Brushmaker and their wages were likely Elizabeth’s only financial support but her extended family was also living in the same house: James Arthur, his wife and nine month old daughter Elizabeth occupied one room while Thomas Hellen, his wife Jane and their two children Thomas and Mary lived in another single room.

Mary Anne’s death has not been confirmed but she is believed to have died in Bethnal Green in 1902. She not only survived the death of two husbands but kept her family together and ensured that all her children were educated.

Her eldest son, Thomas Hellen, and his wife Jane had five children but only four survived infancy. Arthur Thomas was born in Bethnal Green and baptised at St Andrew on 22 May 1898 and two years later, they welcomed daughter Mary Jane and in 1903, Margaret Lucy was born. The family left the East End and settled in Forest Gate in Essex where their fourth child, Thomas Robert was born in 1906. He died aged 2 years and was buried at the Newham cemetery on 15 July 1909. Lastly, Alfred Henry was born in 1910. Thomas had changed jobs, from a general labourer to a Greengrocer’s Assistant, in 1900 or early 1901 and when the census was taken in 1911, he was working as a Greengrocer on his own account. The family of six was living in three rooms in a house at 20 Strode Road in Forest Gate. Three years later, Thomas died aged 48 years. His family remained in Essex where his children grew up and married — his two sons married two sisters — but the 1930s and 40s brought tragedy with four deaths in fourteen years. Daughter Mary Jane died in 1930 aged only 30 years, Jane Hannah died in 1934, Arthur Thomas died two years later aged 38, and youngest son Alfred Henry died in Singapore in 1943 while serving as a Gunner in the Royal Artillery. The only surviving child, Margaret Lucy, died in Essex in 1980.

Mary Ann Hellen and her husband Henry Sanderson had three daughters: Mary Ann was born on 18 March 1889 and baptised on 7 April at St Thomas, Lucy Caroline was born on 3 December 1890 and baptised on 28 December at St Andrew, and Martha Eliza was born on 21 June 1893 and baptised at St Andrew on 16 July. They lived in her mother’s home from the time they married but by 1893, they had moved to 59 George Gardens and then on to 83 Derbyshire Street, living in two rooms, when the census was taken in 1901. Henry worked in the building trade and over the years, his occupation was listed as a labourer, a bricklayer’s labourer or a scaffolder while Mary Ann continued to work as a Cigar Maker, likely doing piece work at home to earn extra income for the family. In 1911, Henry, Mary Ann, and their two eldest daughters lived in three rooms at 129 Corfield Street in Bethnal Green while youngest daughter Martha lived and worked as a Kitchen Maid in Paddington. They were still living on Corfield Street when Lucy married Henry Thomas Stone in 1924 but they later moved to Essex and in 1939, Mary and Henry were living in Romford at 7 Salwood Cottage in Saint Johns Road and he was still working as a Scaffolder even though he was in his 70s. Martha and her husband John Cursons were living in Reigate, Surrey where he worked as a Gardner and her sister Lucy and nephew Donald were also living with them. Eldest daughter Mary Ann was a patient in the Brentwood Mental Hospital in Essex. Henry Sanderson died in 1942 and Mary Ann in 1961.

John William Samuels married Hetty Taylor at St James the Less on 31 July 1909. They were both living at 17 Royston Street when they married and John was still working as a Brush Maker. They were still on Royston Street when the census was taken, living in three rooms, and John’s occupation as a Machinist in a Brush Works was a little more detailed. They had two children, son John William was born three months before the census, on 6 January, and Marjorie Gladys was born on 23 May 1915. John enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment as a Private and was posted to France but sadly, he died in the battle of The Somme on 1 July 1916 and is one of the 72 000 missing British and Commonwealth soldiers memorialized at the Thiepval Memorial between Arras and Amiens in France. The memorial reads: Son of Arthur and Mary Samuels; husband of Hetty Samuels, of 126 Gretton Houses, Globe Rd, Bethnal Green, London.

Hetty never remarried and in 1939, she was living with her two adult children at 22 Evesham House on the Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green. Evesham Houses, like Gretton Houses, was one of a dozen buildings constructed by the East End Dwellings Company, a philanthropic venture whose goal was to house the poor in model dwellings and at the same time, earn a small profit. Her son John was working as a Printing Machine Manager and Marjorie as a Shorthand Typist. In 1955, John married Nell Kellett in Bethnal Green and they went on to have three children. He died in Essex in 1978 and Nell in 2005. Marjorie never married and died in Poole, Dorset in 1997. Hetty Taylor Samuels died in Poplar in 1968.