This site begins with a short history of the Huguenots, their flight to England and their communities in East London.

From there, you can move on to the landing page for the three main Branches of the family. Each branch contains an overview, a family tree and nested family pages for those individuals where sufficient information is known. Each family page also contains a ‘parents’ link in the header as well as links to the main descendants in the footer which allow you to move up or down through the generations. The family page also includes a PDF version of the family tree that you can use as a guide to navigate through the generations.

To locate an individual, use the Google site search on the Search page. You can also go directly to a specific family page by entering the name in your web browser’s address bar. All of the family pages follow the same naming convention of the first name followed by their spouse’s last name with the two names separated by a period. For example, Jean Mallandain and Marthe Baudoin can be found by entering:  jean.baudoin.htm

The research on the Mallandain family is far from complete and there are several family groups that have not been linked to the three main branches as yet. These families as well as a list of orphan records can be found on the Puzzles page. If you can help solve any of these mysteries, please use the Contact page to get in touch.