This page contains several of the ongoing puzzles that remain unsolved. There are many instances of records that have not been matched to known individuals and many individuals for whom no records have been found. But this page highlights some of the larger family groupings that have not been linked as well as those that are of current interest to other researchers.

The hope is that these puzzles can be solved collectively and as they are solved, new ones can be posted for ongoing research and assistance.


william isaac + jane marsh

The first record of this couple is the birth of their first son, James, who was born on 19 May 1856 at 14 Coventry Street in Bethnal Green. He was registered under the name Malandine and his mother was listed as "Jane Malandine, formerly Marsh" so the birth was registered as if the parents were married. William's occupation was listed as Silk Weaver. Their next son, Alfred William, was born on 3 January 1858 and baptised at St Matthias on 24 January. The baptism record is under the name Malendighn which is a spelling that has not been seen before. William was working as a Weaver and the family was living at 1 West Street in Bethnal Green. No matching birth registration has been found but there is one under the name Alfred William Marsh that may be a match. Their third son, Thomas, was born at 2 Manchester Street on 16 February 1859 and registered under the name Malandine. William was still listed as a Silk Weaver.

William and Jane appear alone in the 1861 Census at 6 Hope Street in Spitalfields. William was listed as a 36 year old Cooper who was born in Bethnal Green and Jane as a 28 year old Weaveress also born in Bethnal Green. James' death record has not been located under Malandine or Marsh but Alfred died, aged 20 months, at 2 Little Manchester Street and was buried at Victoria Park on 23 August 1859. Youngest son Thomas also died at home on Manchester Street and he was buried at Gibraltar Row on 14 September 1860; he was only 18 months old.

William and Jane finally married on 25 September 1869 at St Barnabas in Hackney. They may have chosen to marry at a church further away from where they were living to hide the fact they had been living together and had children out of wedlock. William was listed as a widower which may explain why they were finally able to marry. His father was listed as William Isaac Malandain, a Silk Manufacturer, but William was working as a Cooper at the time he married. Jane's father was listed as Thomas Marsh, a Baker.

William and Jane appear alone again in the 1871 Census but they had moved to 22 Royston Street, ten years later they were still there and in 1891, they were living at 42 Royston Street. In December, William died of acute bronchitis at 22 Royston Street aged 68 years and was buried in the Tower Hamlets Cemetery on 2 January 1892.

Jane was still at 42 Royston Street in 1901 but the census also lists her daughter Jane Vanner and her three children in the household as well. Jane has never appeared with the family before even though she would only have been seven years old in 1861. No birth or baptism record has been found for Jane under the name Marsh or Malandine. She married William Vanner in Leytonstone, Essex on 4 August 1883 under the name Malandine and listed William as her father. He also appears on the register as one of the witnesses.

The most likely match in the family tree is William Isaac the son of William Malandain and Mary Ann Ferrey. It is possible he left his first wife, Mary Ann Wilson, and lived with Jane Marsh until he was free to marry her.