related families


>> Ashton

This family line has been traced back to Edward Ashton who was born about 1795 in the village of Broadway near Illminster in Somerset. His birth record has not been located and the line has not been traced before 1795. Edward married Sarah Lang on 18 December 1820 at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Donyatt, two miles from Broadway. They later moved to Chard and their children to Dorset.


>> Clark

This family has been traced back to John Clark and his wife Agnes Cuthbertson. John's birth record has not been found but he married Agnes in Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire in 1828 and worked as a Mariner. The related family line is traced first through their son John and his wife Mary Duff and then through their seven children. John worked as a farmer first in Kirkpatrick Durham and later in Dunscore near Dumfries.


>> Corson

The Corson line has been traced back to Henry Causon who was born about 1638, likely in Cranham, Gloucestershire. Henry married Sarah East at St James the Great in Cranham in 1670. The name appears to have changed to Corson in the early 19th century and was possibly the result of a transcription error or a clerk misinterpreted the pronunciation of the name. The related family line continues through William Corson who moved to Gloucester to work at Highnam Court as a Carpenter. He married local girl Mary Berry and they had six children.


>> Frost

For this site, the research on the Frost family ends with Francis Aylmer Frost who was born in Castle Rising, Norfolk in 1792. This is a well researched family and the published pedigree traces the family in Norfolk to the early 17th century and cites earlier records on the Cambridge line to the 12th century. The related line left Norfolk for Chester where they established a very successful flour mill on the River Dee.


>> Fulcher

The earliest ancestor in this line is Thomas Fulcher who was born about 1781 and although his place of birth is unknown, he was likely born near Weybread in Suffolk. He married Charlotte and they had seven children. They left Weybread about 1815 and settled on a farm in Yaxley near the market town of Diss. The related line continues through their son Thomas and grandson Henry who continued to farm in Yaxley until his death in 1901.


>> Motteux

Jean Motteux married Judith Fourgon in the Protestant temple at Quevilly near Rouen on 27 September 1640. They had seven children and the related line continues through their son Jean. He fled France for Amsterdam to escape increasing persecution against the Protestants and his family remained there for several years before moving to London about 1693. Jean was a succesful merchant and his sons also went on to run successful businesses in Cheapside.