william samuel mallandain + jane bull

William was born on 8 September 1845 at the family home on Teale Street in Bethnal Green and baptised at St Matthew on 3 October 1845. He was the eldest son of William Isaac Malandain and his wife Mary Ann Wilson. William came from a long line of Silk Weavers but with wages falling due to increasing competition from mechanisation, William chose a different trade and worked as a Confectioner for most of his life as did his brother Henry.

He married Jane Bull on 11 June 1865 at St Mary in Haggerston and when he signed the register he spelled his surname with two l’s as opposed to the Malandain spelling used by his father and grandfather. Jane was born on 16 December 1843 to Thomas Bull and Jane Nobles and although her father was a cabinet maker by trade, his occupation on the marriage register was recorded as Perambulator Maker. When they married, William and Jane were both living at the Bull family home at 24 King Street.

The first of their eleven children, Jane Alice, was born on 5 April 1866 followed by twins, Amy Emma and Annie Elizabeth, in the summer of 1868 and William Thomas on 1 April 1870.

In 1871, William and Jane were living on Downham Road in Hackney along with their four children. Herbert Charles was born on 7 May 1872 but later that year, one of the twins, Amy, died on 29 December and was buried at Abney Park Cemetery on 4 January 1873. Alfred Henry was born in early 1874, Agnes Louisa one year later and Frederick George on 5 March 1876.

On 23 April 1876, William and Jane had four of their six children — Jane, William, Herbert, and Frederick — baptised at St Mary Haggerston. There were a large number of baptisms on the day and as it fell on St George’s Day, it may have been part of larger celebrations. The family was living at 17 Cumberland Street at the time and William was still working as a Confectioner. Strangely, their 8 year old daughter Annie and two year old son Alfred were not baptised with their siblings nor has another baptism record been found; sadly Annie died later that year, on 26 December.

They had three more children, Florence Ada in 1877, Ernest Samuel in 1879, and Beatrice Ethel on 4 July 1880. By early 1881, William and Jane had moved, along with 8 of their 9 surviving children, to 40 Scawfell Street off Hackney Road near Haggerston Park. Their one year old daugther Beatrice was not with them when the census was taken nor has she been found elsewhere. Later that year, on 2 October, Ernest was baptised at St Mary in Haggerston. They lost their fourth child when Agnes Louisa died, aged 13 years, in early March 1888 and she was buried at Abney Park Cemetery.

On 1 March 1891, eleven year old Beatrice was baptised at St Augustine in Haggerston and at the time, the family was living at 5 Pownall Road in Shoreditch. They were still there one month later when the census was taken and son Fred was the only one working (as a Messenger at the Docks) other than William. Their son Herbert Charles left home and his job as a Porter when he joined the Royal Navy on a 12 year engagement; he was initially stationed at the military barracks in Hounslow and then served on the Pembroke and the Wildfire.

Over the next ten years, six more of their children left home to marry and in 1901, only daughter Beatrice, who was working as a Milliner, was still living at home but family was not far away as daughter Florence and her husband, Horace Warner, also lived in two rooms in the same house. Fifty-six year old William was no longer working as a Confectioner but had a job as a Packer in a factory.

Jane Bull died in Shoreditch in the early months of 1910 aged 67 years. William remained in the house at 5 Pownall Road and was still working as a Packer and the census also records that he worked in a stationery warehouse. His daughter Beatrice had married Edwin Charles Toombs at St Paul in Haggerston on 31 June 1910 and they were also living with him.

His son Herbert had left the Royal Navy and in 1911, he was living in a boarding house at 93 Shrubland Road in Dalston which was only several streets away from Pownall Road. He was not married and was working as a Steretyper, or type setter, at a general printing works. Several other lodgers in the house also worked in the printing industry and they may have all worked for the same employer.

William Samuel died in 1918 and was buried at Abney Park Cemetery on 12 February. No death record has been found for his son Herbert but daughter Beatrice died in Hackney in 1928 followed by her husband Edwin in Leyton, Essex in 1957.