william isaac malandain + mary ann wilson

William was born at the family home on Thomas Street, Bethnal Green on 16 September 1823 and baptised at St Matthew. He was the eldest son of William Malandain, a Silk Weaver, and his wife Mary Ann Ferrey. He was baptised under the name Malandain and his father consistently used this spelling as did his children.

St John, Bethnal Green
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William married Mary Ann Wilson at St John in Hackney on 7 December 1844 with Josiah and Sarah Miller standing as witnesses. Mary Ann was born about 1824, to William Wilson a Carpenter. When he married, William was living on Mare Street and working as a Silk Manufacturer. Both he and his wife were able to read and right and signed the register with their full names.

Their first son William Samuel was born on 8 September 1845 at Teale Street and baptised at St Matthew on 3 October 1845. The family moved to 4 West Street in Cambridge Heath where their second child George Henry was born on 7 October 1848; he was baptised on 20 February 1850 at St John, Bethnal Green which stood at the edge of the Green at the end of Bethnal Green Road. George’s baptism record lists his godparents as S. Cordaroy, J Boss and W.S. Malandain. On the same day, Samuel and Susan Cordaroy of 5 Gloster Place had their four children baptised at St John and the godparents inlcuded William and Mary Ann Malandain.

By 1851, the family had moved again to 17 Minerva Street off the Hackney Road in Bethnal Green but William was still working as a Weaver and Mary Ann as a Launderess. A few years later, they moved again to 6 Martha Street and welcomed their third son, Henry James. He was born on 27 February 1853 and baptised at St John, Bethnal Green on 20 March.

In 1861, they were living at 15b Crabtree Row in Bethnal Green with their three sons and two young men, aged 19 and 20, who were lodging with them. William was still working as a Weaver and their eldest son as a Servant but Mary Ann was no longer working as a Launderess.

After 1861, there is no record of William and Mary Ann living together and no possible death records although there is a link to a relationship with Jane Marsh dating back to 1855. William eventually married Jane at St Barnabas in Hackney on 25 September 1869 and this is the only record that lists his name as William Isaac rather than just William. But many questions as to whether William left Mary Ann to live with Jane or if he stayed with her until she died and he was free to mary Jane.

Sons William Samuel and Henry found work as Confectioners rather than following their father in the ever declining weaving trade.  William Samuel married Jane Bull on 11 June 1865 at St Mary in Haggerston and they went on to have eleven children. Henry married Annie McCarty on 3 February 1879 at St Thomas in Bethnal Green but they did not have any children.

Middle son George Henry appeared with the family in the 1861 Census but there is no record of him after this date.

The William Malandine that married Jane Marsh died at 22 Royston Street in Bethnal Green on 26 December 1891, aged 68 years. The details on the death record are also a match for William Isaac which adds more weight to the case for them being the same person.