susanne malandain + jean le doux

Susanne was born on 16 April 1711, the daughter of Pierre Malandain and Susanne Mole. She next appears in the records on 28 August 1728 when she was admitted to the French Church on Threadneedle Street.

Susanne was only 19 years old when she married Jean Le Doux on 22 February 1730 at St Dunstan, Stepney. Jean was baptised at Threadneedle Street on 2 March 1711, the son of Jean and Marie Louise Le Doux. Jean’s great-grandfather, Isaac Le Doux, was also a Huguenot refugee and arrived in England with his family in 1681.

Jean was employed as a weaver but at some point, he served in the Royal Navy along with Susanne’s brother David. Following David’s death in 1746, Susanne swore an oath as the only surviving relative and the affidavit noted that she was ‘the wife of Jean Le Doux, now at sea.’ By the mid 18th century, the silk weaving industry was in serious decline so Jean may have joined the navy in an attempt to earn a more stable income.

Susanne and Jean had seven children but only five survived infancy. Their first son, Jean, was born on 11 December 1731 and baptised at the Threadneedle Street Church two weeks later but he died in infancy. Isaac was born on 2 September 1733 and baptised on 16 September at Threadneedle. But sadly, he also died in infancy, some time before 1741.

Daughter Marie was baptised at Threadneedle Street on 24 October 1736 but her birth date is not recorded in the baptismal entry. Louise was born on 25 December 1738 and baptised on 14 January 1739 at Threadneedle Street. Their third son was born on 20 June 1741 and also named Isaac; he was baptised at Threadneedle Street on 12 July with Isaac Borin and Elizabeth Le Doux acting as godparents. Susanne was born on 11 February 1746 and baptised on 2 March and their youngest child, Jean, was born on 27 September 1748 and baptised at Threadneedle Street the same day.

No other records relating to Jean and Susanne have been found. The family line continues through their daughter Susanne who married Thomas Howard at St Matthew, Bethnal Green on Christmas Day 1766. Thomas Howard was born on 27 April 1745 to Thomas Howard and his wife Catherine.  The Howard family was living on Cock Lane at the time and Thomas was baptised at St Leonard, Shoreditch one month later.

Susanne and Thomas Howard had nine children and two of their daughters, Ann and Susanne, had eight children each and their descendants can be traced through the Marmoy and Martin family lines. Susanne Le Doux died in 1810 and was buried in the church yard of St Matthew Bethnal Green on 3 June.